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Nightingale 2.0 by Autocon-Femme Nightingale 2.0 :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 0 2 Chack Motivaitonal Poster by Autocon-Femme Chack Motivaitonal Poster :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 408 136 I Love Soundwave Icon by Autocon-Femme I Love Soundwave Icon :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 1 1 My New Icon...Possibly by Autocon-Femme My New Icon...Possibly :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 0 5 No new Copyright Law by Autocon-Femme No new Copyright Law :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 0 54 MY Journal Skin by Autocon-Femme MY Journal Skin :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 5 9 Icon by Autocon-Femme Icon :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 0 0 Water, Water Everywhere... by Autocon-Femme Water, Water Everywhere... :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 17 11 Yugioh Genderbender Pairings by Autocon-Femme Yugioh Genderbender Pairings :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 1 0 Female Yusei by Autocon-Femme Female Yusei :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 2 0 Female Judai by Autocon-Femme Female Judai :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 4 5 Female Yugi by Autocon-Femme Female Yugi :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 19 13 Tai-Lung and Master Tigress by Autocon-Femme Tai-Lung and Master Tigress :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 50 12 Judai Yuki by Autocon-Femme Judai Yuki :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 43 60
A Soldier's Wish
A Soldier's Wish
The airport is crowded with people either getting off or getting on a plane heading to whichever destination they seeked. Many were businsess men and some were families getting off to head into the sites and sounds of the country I was stationed at. Some, like me, were wearing army uniforms and were heading to their gates to reach home, just as I was about to do.
But, none of these people I really paid attention to. All of my focus was on the picture I held in my hand and the two smiling faces looking back at me.
One of the faces I knew very well, having lived with her for 5 years. My wife Sarah, smiling up at the camera with the biggest smile I ever saw on any one person. Her blonde hair framed her face and her blue eyes shimmered with the happiness she was feeling at the time of the photo being taken.
In her arms, was the face of my new baby girl, Annabelle. She looks so much like her mother, yet she has my nose and my eyes. She had little bits of blonde hair coming
:iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 1 29
Roxas Icon by Autocon-Femme Roxas Icon :iconautocon-femme:Autocon-Femme 3 0
Any of my icons and pictures can be used if u make at least a commetn saying u are using it. cause i would love to know if people are! X3 thanks ^^


Sassy Gay Knockout by Humblebot Sassy Gay Knockout :iconhumblebot:Humblebot 874 151 TF - Knockout's Emporium by Yula568 TF - Knockout's Emporium :iconyula568:Yula568 91 13 Knockout Motivational Poster by Frau-Wulf Knockout Motivational Poster :iconfrau-wulf:Frau-Wulf 170 93 KnockOut and Arcee by Aiuke KnockOut and Arcee :iconaiuke:Aiuke 930 118 KnockOut by Yula568 KnockOut :iconyula568:Yula568 83 11 Knockout motivator poster by Fangirl-of-Doom2 Knockout motivator poster :iconfangirl-of-doom2:Fangirl-of-Doom2 599 1,566 Shugo Chara - Amulet Clover by DrawToLive Shugo Chara - Amulet Clover :icondrawtolive:DrawToLive 144 6 Shugo Chara by 821GoThIc-VAMPIRE Shugo Chara :icon821gothic-vampire:821GoThIc-VAMPIRE 213 64 Shugo Chara Doki WIP by antoinette721 Shugo Chara Doki WIP :iconantoinette721:antoinette721 326 33 Shugo Chara by paganprincess-aeris Shugo Chara :iconpaganprincess-aeris:paganprincess-aeris 301 14 Ocean's Aria 5 DISCONTINUED by iesnoth Ocean's Aria 5 DISCONTINUED :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 119 34 YJ: DaddyBats by DreamaDove93 YJ: DaddyBats :icondreamadove93:DreamaDove93 2,559 399 Song of the Wind - Cross over by widzilla Song of the Wind - Cross over :iconwidzilla:widzilla 95 31
Kiss of a Mermaid Part 5
Two of the captain's strongest minions carries Wally's limp body and dump it into a natural ditch about a mile away from the torturing site. They toss it in without the slightest bit of care, grunting as their menial task was completed. They stare after the body, feeling a bit of remorse; he had been their crewmate after all, even if for only a short period of time. Alas, it is short lived and soon the feeling subsides, their backs turning, their bodies stalking off into the night.
Cold, rough, echoing silence, smell of dirt, blow of wind, the feeling of a broken heart.
They are the first things to come to Wally as he slowly regains consciousness. He grabs at the dirt beneath his long fingers, opens his jade eyes once more, and takes in gasps of air that he thought he would never partake in again. I...alive?
He struggles, but succeeds in bringing himself to his knees and runs his hands over his filthy body. It's dark and his vision is still blurry but his fing
:iconsamuraikat:SamuraiKat 48 59
Transformers page 12 by Klika-lio Transformers page 12 :iconklika-lio:Klika-lio 23 40 SHINee's Ring Ding Dong by Ikazuchi-chan SHINee's Ring Ding Dong :iconikazuchi-chan:Ikazuchi-chan 3 0



Harmony Valentine
United States
I am a Fangirl for anime and giant fighting robots from the planet Cybertron.
I enjoy long walks on the beach with a plasma cannon doing target practicing on Starscream while Soundwave and Optimus helping me with my shooting
My guardian would either be Ratchet, so i could piss him off and ask questions about doctoring, or Bumblebee if he wasnt taken. If i could would be Optimus for the autobot side but he wouldnt be able to really be a guardian and Soundwave for the decepticons cause well....i just LOVE him! but then again...not a really good guardian material unless i had a death wish
I am both and Autobot and a Decepticon so i call myself an Autocon. and since im a girl i am Autocon-Femme hence my username on this site as well as others
Ravage is my pet cat and rumble and frenzy are my little brothers while laserbeak and buzzsaw are my flying metal fethered friends ^^
And i have a theme song...this is it…
Now i shall be going to help Megatron destroy Starscream, flirt with Soundwave, and faun over Optimus Prime

Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: Dont really have one...Country Maybe
Favourite style of art: anime and manga
MP3 player of choice: iPOD
Wallpaper of choice: Anything that is dark in the back
Skin of choice: what DA gives me...
Favourite cartoon character: oh...toughy...Optimus i guess or Mori-senpai ^^
Personal Quote: Got it mermorized? -Axel (I adopted that trait...-_-) and Get R' Done!!!
Ok, this is for those who care about my art work and me lol
I would like to start of my DA page with a clean slate since i have come to a point where, 1) im sick of how much stuff i have in random spots in my favorites folder that i would like to organize and 2) some things i would like to take off of my account that would take me to much time to waste to do so so i might as well get rid of the account itself
i will tell you all what my name will be on the new account and then i will write down all of your names so i can re friend you since i still want updates al of your art work as well ^^

hope you all cared to read this lol

love yall! and God bless!
  • Listening to: Unbreakable- FireFly
  • Reading: Doing Hard Things - Alex and Brett Harris
  • Watching: Pawn Stars
  • Playing: Disney Movies lol
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water (whohoo)



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